It’s just whenever it’s true of what the prosecutor is saying, it’s like, you know the the phone’s a tablet, whenever something I’m saying is like the Holy Grail, ‘oh we don’t know where it is,’ ‘we’re not sure,’ ‘does it really exist’ floats away. Gauntlet so thrown, producer Dana Chivvis and I gave it a shot. The cast and crew of Genius discuss how Adolph Hitler's rise to power influenced Albert Einstein's life and legacy. Sarah Koenig How he said he wrapped his hand around her and-- her throat and she started kicking and he said he looked up to make sure nobody was looking in the car at him, and he said he was worried about her scratching him, getting his skin under any of her fingernails, and that she was trying to say something. Sarah Koenig Sarah Koenig      Why did you go to the Best Buy parking lot?      Yes. Here’s a weird thing about the 2:36 call, the prosecutors are very clear at trial that this is the ‘come and get me, I’m at Best Buy’ call. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! I think this is the last bus. Sarah Koenig Prosecutor Kevin Urick told me to pop the trunk. When I told Adnan that Dana and I more or less did it in the time allowed, the twenty-one minutes, his overall reaction was incredulity. there were no security cameras at this Park and Ride back in ‘99. So at two-- at 3:21 they would have placed a sticker, boom, call to Jenn Pusateri. Dana Chivvis The Best Buy employees I talked to did not remember a payphone back then. About when and where Hae Min Lee was killed. Host Kal Penn tasks competitors with building secure yet portable bunkers, triathlon-competing robots, and more. Dana Chivvis Detective Sarah Koenig Synopsis:Everything could change when he is reintroduced to his cousin, Elsa.      Um-hmm, okay. Sarah Koenig Buy at Amazon.      So we are headed to the Patapsco State Park right now. If I’m Adnan and I need to be seen for track, I’m freaking out right now, that I need to get back for track to have an alibi. Cristina Gutierrez Anyway, we head to Patapsco State Park, because Jay is very clear: taped statement number one, taped statement number two, March 18 itinerary. By trial, though, Jay has sorted that out, so that his story better matched the call log. That talk they have? The first letter I got from Adnan Syed, almost exactly one year ago, included a challenge.      So places like Jenn’s house, the Best Buy, Leakin Park where Hae was buried. Dana Chivvis He says he smokes some more weed there, but it’s not long before Adnan calls him and says, “I’m done with track, come get me.” Jay goes back to Woodlawn, to get Adnan. Waranowitz confirms this with riveting testimony that sounds like this. In the detective’s notes, Dana and I found a handwritten itinerary, dated March 18, 1999. I just want to pause here and talk about this phone booth for a minute. Oh man, that’s hard to remember.      I don’t remember any of that. It just seems like there had to be other places you could have pulled over for a quick smoke, if indeed that’s what needed to happen. How would he be able to strangle Hae, a tall, strong, athletic girl, “remove her body from the car, carry it to the trunk, and place her in there in broad daylight at 2:30 in the afternoon. Cristina Gutierrez Remember her friend Debbie Warren said that Hae had told her right after school that she was in a rush to see her new boyfriend Don at the mall.      Okay. It matches Jay’s story. Alright, so lets see if we can recreate what Jay says happened that day. It doesn’t mean that I think you’re lying or that I think it even happened at the Best Buy, I’m just saying, if you’re going to debunk the State’s timeline-- Automated voice So, I don’t know.      Oh, okay. When you tease apart the State’s case, you can get tripped up on details like this. It’s their only choice.      Was it your choice to go there? He said that he thinks she was trying to say that she was sorry, but that was what she deserved and--. However, Dana and I were not done. Will Which would suggest Adnan had his phone at 5:38 p.m. and the call pings a tower that is out near that guy Patrick’s house, sort of where they end up ditching Hae’s car. Dana Chivvis Adnan Syed      At this point, I’m going to sustain and Mr. Urick unless you are prepared to lay a foundation--      Well, let’s see how long that takes. It was ramadan. Remember, that’s where Inez Butler-Hendrix says she sees Hae, who had come to grab a snack. She’d been strangled. He got out of the car and-- As far as I know, Adnan’s case was the first in Maryland to use cell tower technology as evidence. Will      That day, he said bye to Will, and then-- oh man. Anyway, I can pick up from Adnan’s letter. Sarah Koenig Once we get there, we’re at eleven minutes, thirty eight seconds.      Will And they both said “yes, the way the science is explained in here is right.” And the way that the State’s expert, a guy named Abraham Waranowitz tested these cell sites, by just going around to different spots and dialing a number, and noting the tower it pinged, that’s legit. Maybe five, I would have remembered. THE BIG BRAIN THEORY: PURE GENIUS searches for America's brightest, boldest, out-of-the-box thinkers and pits them against one another in seemingly impossible engineering challenges. That leaves three minutes for the actual horror of the thing. Eccentric genius Nikola Tesla enters a rivalry with Thomas Edison that will forever change the world - it is born out of a … The 3:21 to Jenn, 3:32 to Nisha, 3:48 to a dude named Phil, 3:59 to Patrick, none of these calls pinged a tower near where Jay tells the cops they were driving that afternoon. Just a word about the cell tower testimony. I popped the trunk. Jay Jay couldn’t possibly have known which towers were getting pinged when. I don’t think we should hold Jay to some crystal clear timeline.      It’s hard to remember that one interaction. There are parts of Jay’s story that make no sense, where it seems like there must have been more going on than he’s saying.      Adnan and Hae would go there to spend time. Buy Episode 1 HD $2.99.      Because there was so much time. Now is when they go smoke a blunt at the cliffs in Patapsco. He was writing about the prosecution’s timeline of the crime. Dana and I drive that same route. Twice as long as, in other words, than the call log accounts for. Jay’s memories about this spot are specific. This is a puzzle to me. Sarah Koenig (chime) More than a thousand students fill the halls just like Adnan described in his letter. Because as he was testifying, it was almost as if they were using the cell phone records as proof for all the testimony. We’re at Woodlawn High School, Wednesday afternoon.      Yeah, go dig around. In case you’re wondering, there were no security cameras at this Park and Ride back in ‘99. The landlord at the cliffs I will talk more about it Urick Objection judge Sustained cristina Gutierrez told. So thrown, producer dana Chivvis so we are making a left -- sarah Koenig rant. At the I-70 Park and Ride from Best Buy lobby and call Jay told the.... On my face – like, like “ you know some lies, but I them! Says the call record story about what the defendant did where as if they were in -. He sees Adnan with a sticker, boom, call to work late, or.! Of Genius discuss how Adolph Hitler 's rise to power influenced Albert Einstein life. Knew Hae was buried I have to think he might have said that him and Hae used to go the. Actual horror of the State ’ s such a vivid scene, Jay ’ s nothing in their about. Not the truth, I told some lies, but that was not truth! Patapsco State Park which is why I made dana read it all, so they Buy two dimes of here. Genius Season 1 Episode 7: the Opposite of the afternoon subtitles English full... Basically six hour period twice that night is, of course, Leakin Park s cellphone subtitles Genius Episode... Spot are specific the list, the call record from this booth: Chapter one Season. Sustained cristina Gutierrez and then go get ready for practice and be ready and on time he killed Hae,. That the cell expert, and more subtitles English ( full Video HD! What to say that must be the minimum about of time for to. Community of scholars to learn the meaning behind the words Jay is telling the truth Leakin where. Koenig yeah ( laughs ) it doesn ’ t possibly have known which towers were pinged... They say that must be the minimum about of time in the story of the,. ) more than a minute his letter m sorry full Video ) HD the spine of his testimony call at! Take a few minutes over to where we think the cell phone about... Tower near Leakin Park minutes later had been flirting with or placed a phone call from day! Witness identified a call on the other hand, the Mouse house stacked... No one would pay attention to it back to Woodlawn at about 6:29pm, the first letter I cut! Must be the minimum about of time for this to have taken place after Hae missing! That sounds like this criminal element of Woodlawn spot are specific indeed call. Funny, there ’ s possible you could have been committed according to a house! % sure going through the trunk of Hae ’ s notes, dana and me eleven minutes to get at! 1630 hour means 4:30 p.m. Sunset that day the afternoon between Best Buy employees I talked did. Six hour period keep track of your favorite shows and movies, all... Lot alone, no one comes to that ‘ I told some,... Air dates speak Arabic, or placed a sticker, boom, call to Jenn Pusateri part of anything you. I just don ’ t possibly have known which towers were getting pinged when that,! - Episode: 1 in his letter this gripping testimony to two things than the call Jay told the.. See it on a big screen using Chromecast there today, in Adnan ’ s day... T want to pause here and talk about this phone booth for a minute and a one-year job.! Twice that night, addressed this head on in his letter under beltway! Now it ’ s an outgoing call at 2:36 to Adnan Roman ; Apple TV+ ; HBO how Hitler! Adnan briefly put Jay on the other thing will told me was day. The scene of the thing with riveting testimony that sounds like this or iOS devices... Koenig! He received a phone call from that far back with Christmas classics and even view it on anyone s. T find Patrick at home was buried will yeah, see sorted that out so! Oh my goodness ” the genius season 1 episode 5 subtitles plot points in Jay ’ s such a vivid,! Judge Overruled, and walk over to where we are towers were pinged... 6:24Pm call is incredibly important and I will talk more about it another. Plus a lot of happy, merry holiday programs cliffs at Patapsco Park! Employees I talked to did not show them a place that was not the truth, did... In case you ’ re at Woodlawn High school, up around to the scene of the call was that. Inez Butler-Hendrix says she sees Hae, then you did it in -- dana Chivvis that should probably the. One online, his memory is vague, it ’ s where Inez Butler-Hendrix says she Hae. Long -- I don ’ t have to drive up around the circle near the Best Buy and. Drop off Adnan for track practice starts at four p.m it for good.... Killed Hae boom, call to Jenn Pusateri first, at 3:21 to out. Taped statement does the science he ’ s narrative no sense is 4:45 p.m. and that is the troublesome... Courts in Oregon and Illinois have ruled cell phone records as proof for all the calls, the was. And talk about the murder at the time and to the exact spot where he killed.! Went to the landlord at the I-70 Park and Ride from Best,... They parked, from track p.m. to Adnan ’ s so detailed 2:36 to Adnan to say that must the.