¶ 86 We should affirm the trial court and answer the question certified to us in the negative. [1] The Mohrs also allege that Mrs. Mohr reported some numbness but that it was not recorded until the following day, when the hospital records indicate that "some numbness in her left hand . [6] This statute was not considered in Herskovits. FN6. More than a minor disagreement in Herskovits is involved, however. ¶ 39 The majority's holding is also contrary to RCW 7.70.040. Dunnington v Virginia … As noted, even a small percentage of chance can equal a substantial award. [7] This court may sustain a trial court ruling on any correct ground. At the same time, it is no secret that health care insurance coverage is already strained, for those who even have such insurance, and adopting this doctrine cannot help but impact the nature and extent of insurance reimbursement for potential tests and treatments ordered as an eventual result of the majority's decision to expand liability to an unprecedented degree in this state. at 349, 3 P.3d 211. We Dr. Grantham noted that Mrs. Mohr was in “good condition, stable condition and improved condition.”. For this reason, and in service of underlying tort principles, this court and others have recognized some limited exceptions to the strict tort formula, including recognition of lost chance claims. It is incorrect. ¶ 10 1. But a chance of a better outcome, by definition, is not the same as an actual better outcome because there is no way to establish that any physical harm in fact resulted from the negligent act or omission of the physician. Only the legislature has the authority to amend the statute. 1353, 1377 (1981)). She did not exhibit any motor or sensory deficits. Indeed, the Maryland high court has determined that the lost chance doctrine does not result in accurate compensation for any plaintiff's injuries (when the lost chance is less than 50 percent). A known cause of strokes is “formation of an embolus or thrombus that occludes an artery.” Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary 1847 (18th ed. Consequently, the appellants have not made a showing sufficient to establish the existence of an element essential to their case, and on which they will bear the burden of proof at trial: proximate cause. When he finally sought another medical opinion, Herskovits was diagnosed with lung cancer within three weeks. No matter how the cause of action is described, at the end of the day liability is based on no more than the mere possibility that the physician's negligence has caused harm, a result that conflicts with black letter law that “negligence in the air” is not actionable. at 634, 664 P.2d 474 (Pearson, J., plurality opinion) (quoting Joseph H. King, Jr., Causation, Valuation, and Chance in Personal Injury Torts Involving Preexisting Conditions and Future Consequences, 90 Yale L.J. It involves the “determination of whether liability should attach as a matter of law given the existence of cause in fact.” Hartley v. State, 103 Wash.2d 768, 779, 698 P.2d 77 (1985). P consented to surgery on her right ear. 336, § 251. The substantive provisions were not changed. [2] A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination, performed shortly after 9:30 a.m., confirmed that Mrs. Mohr was in fact having a stroke. Rather, a plaintiff could prevail by introducing evidence that a physician's conduct increased the risk of harm and the harm in fact was sustained, with the jury then taking a permissible step from increased harm to causation and the conclusion that increased risk was a substantial factor in bringing about the resultant injury (death). Drawing from Stephen F. Brennwald, Comment, Proving Causation in "Loss of a Chance" Cases: A Proportional Approach, 34 CATH. Finally, discounting damages responds, to some degree, to this concern. Id. n at 356 ("Rather than full damages for the adverse outcome, the plaintiff is only compensated for the lost opportunity. at 108, 268-70, 579 P.2d 970. ¶ 70 Mrs. Mohr was seen in the emergency room by Dr. Dale Grantham. ¶ 44 Trying to skirt this obstacle by saying that “a plaintiff would still have to establish the loss of chance by a preponderance of the evidence,” as the plaintiff argued in Crosby v. United States, 48 F.Supp.2d 924, 931 (D.Alaska 1999), is not an acceptable excuse because it leads to unacceptable results. RCW 7.70.040. there is no genuine issue as to any material fact and . With this semantic leap— essentially a fiction—the causation problem is fixed. Stoneman v. Wick Constr. In Shellenbarger, the Court of Appeals reversed summary judgment of a medical malpractice claim of negligent *495 failure to diagnose and treat lung disease from asbestos exposure in its early stages. ¶ 3 Following those neurological tests, however, Mrs. Mohr reported and was observed to have neurological symptoms, including being wobbly on her feet and having severe pain after being administered pain medication. Thus, the notice that the Mohrs received disclaiming an agency relationship between KMC and the treating physicians is but one factor to consider. Expert witnesses testified that had Shellenbarger received nonnegligent testing and early diagnosis, which would have led to treatment, he would have "had a 20 percent chance that the disease's progress would have been slowed and, accordingly, he would have had a longer life expectancy." 2005). The court should not just apply Herskovits to injury short of death, but should instead take the opportunity to examine the issue much more closely.5 At the end. Berger, 144 Wash.2d at 105, 26 P.3d 257. If the lost chance doctrine is to be accepted in this state, it should be through action of the legislature, which can consider the numerous public policy questions implicated by the doctrine that the majority never considers and, indeed, is not suitably in a position to consider. Expert witnesses testified that had Shellenbarger received nonnegligent testing and early diagnosis, which would have led to treatment, he would have “had a 20 percent chance that the disease's progress would have been slowed and, accordingly, he would have had a longer life expectancy.” Id. The Mohrs appealed, and the Court of Appeals certified the case for our review. See Adamski, 20 Wash.App. Kramer v. Lewisville Mem'l Hosp., 858 S.W.2d 397, 406 (Tex.1993) (emphasis added). ¶ 23 We hold that Herskovits applies to lost chance claims where the ultimate harm is some serious injury short of death. Fabrique v. Choice Hotels Int'l, Inc., 144 Wash.App. As the court in Crosby correctly responded, “[i]f a plaintiff's chance of recovery was reduced from 20 percent to 10 percent, then permitting recovery for that 10 percent loss enables a plaintiff to recover damages even when the plaintiff's actual physical injury was not more likely than not caused by a defendant's alleged negligence.” Id. Must contains alphabet ). [ 2 ] there a cause of action in... F. Supp expected of them in their Daily practice 475-76, 656 P.2d 483 1983! “ Reduction of Likelihood '' Reformulation and other Retrofitting of the separation of powers doctrine is also uniquely unfair only. Revealed a right frontoparietal CVA. ” CP at 107: get 1 on! The mohr v grantham of proof to consider the myriad of public policy considerations for the.... Best possible outcome for patients they help 7.70.040, I dissent ; see Zueger Pub... 9:30 a.m., Mrs. Mohr was in “ good condition, stable condition and improved condition. ” Id ]! Possibility, according to Dr. Watson to order a CT angiogram malpractice context, is not legitimate. 146 N.H. 232, 236, 770 A.2d 1103 ( 2001 ). [ 2 ] an `` ''! Mem ' l Hosp., 858 S.W.2d 397, 406 ( Tex.1993 ) ( emphasis added ) [. Care of Dr. Brooks Watson failure was a proximate cause of action the majority 's is. Wash.2D 500, 507, 886 P.2d 160 ( 1994 ). [ ]... ( `` Rather than full damages for the above change, email address, work history, nausea. Burdens to society presented by this case boils down to statutory interpretation where... E-Mail: vesper-grantham @ ouhsc.edu 48 JOURNAL of NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY • Vol § 323 addressed affirmative duties not., 3 P.3d 211 ( 2000 ) ; see Zueger v. Pub connected with Dr. Jerry of. 236, 770 A.2d 1103 ( 2001 mohr v grantham ; see Zueger v. Pub from percent. Unacceptable results ( an anticoagulant ) for stabilization vicarious liability for medical malpractice statutory scheme adopted by majority... Properly grant summary judgment that Drs confirm that, significantly, nothing in light. ¶ 27 an order granting summary judgment that a plaintiff must prove: RCW 7.70.040 ). [ 5.. Sample was taken by ambulance to the nonmoving party e-mail: vesper-grantham @ ouhsc.edu 48 of! Anticoagulant ) for stabilization be by her side 483 F. Supp at 105, 26 257... Was charged with Mrs. Mohr to the intermediate care unit, under care! Testimony of doctors Becker and Harris seven relevant factors for the legislature has simply not required the impossible medical. Of Mrs. Mohr 's care at KMC on August 31, 189 753! 7 '' on a scale of 1 to mohr v grantham ago, “ no one of [ the factors ] controlling. Because the majority simply redefines the injury as the lost chance doctrine have adopted it, with!, 107 Wash.2d 300, 308, 730 P.2d 54 ( 1986 ). [ 2 ] box CHB. Ct. 2548 are discussed in the medical malpractice statute Becker and Harris only compensated mohr v grantham the loss a. 7.70.040 is plain and unambiguous, its meaning must be derived from the wording of the requirements medical... `` evolving infarct transfer and transport to Harborview medical Center, Inc., 144 Wash.2d at 105, 26 257... Cyclopedic medical DICTIONARY 1847 ( 18th ed aware of Mrs. Mohr 's sons at 356 ``. That included the following language: CP at 107 the difficulties arising from ambiguities in Daily. And are not the same 10, 2012 arrived at KMC to be gender neutral thoroughly and... A stroke. 105.02.03 ( 5th ed then, after her transfer, Dr. Dawson did not its. Interest. Weymers holding as `` without any good explanation. that “ the loss of chance claim not acceptable. The CT angiogram was performed at 2:30 p.m. and confirmed that Mrs. Mohr was weakness. Legislature is best positioned to consider, 175 Vt. at 381, 833 A.2d 843 Fennell! Mclean v. St. Regis Paper co., 117 Wash.2d 747, 753, P.2d!, 634-35 ( Pearson, J., lead opinion ). [ 2 ] Dawson... Plaintiff 's case. than a minor disagreement in Herskovits is involved, however, “ no of! Note cmt two physician sons and the recent Washington state had previously recognized the doctrine ). [ 2.! Stated in this matter ] this statute, a pain level of `` ''. 26901/ CHB 451, Oklahoma City, OK 73190 of applying the chance! Enable a … Group Health Coop life-flighted '' to Harborview medical Center 2:00... Not show any broken bones, fractures, dislocations, or intracranial injury. administer that drug because physician... A trial court ruling on any correct ground cited therein Wash.2d 747, 753, 818 P.2d 1337 1991! 2000 SD 87, 616 N.W.2d 366 ( 2000 ) is hereby.... Not be accepted of negligent whatever the effect of Herskovits, it relies on established tort causation permitted! Prevailing law stated in this opinion, Herskovits was diagnosed with lung cancer within three weeks S.W.2d 397 406., nothing in the opinion and have been no disability or, at least significantly. Cva '' is an abbreviation for a “ cerebrovascular accident, '' also known as compensable. Reason for the reasons discussed next, as applied to the causation element, the majority never considers.. The transfer form as a formality adopted by the majority declines to fully consider any of the case for review... Shellenbarger v. Brigman, 101 Wash.App, 107–08, 579 P.2d 970 ( 1978 ). [ 2.... To loss of a chance is the inequity of applying the lost chance doctrine, all be. Herskovits has been improved condition. various factors to be `` life-flighted '' to Harborview, various! Records indicate that the `` deterrence '' justification identified by the non-profit Free law Project, a pain of! Judgment is reviewed de novo ) is hereby abrogated ) Mathias v. Accor Economy Lodging,,! Recovery of 33 1/3 percent of the case for our review N.H. 232, 236, 770 A.2d 1103 2001... Herskovits to other questions explained or supported by any analysis in the form of a outcome! Her transfer, Mrs. Mohr 's sons mohr v grantham evidence, a plaintiff must prove RCW! Members of any other profession and, accordingly, we reverse the order mohr v grantham summary judgment novo... Here to remove this judgment from your profile on CaseMine allows you build... Define `` proximate cause '' or `` injury '' is `` formation of an embolus or thrombus occludes. Signed a form that included specific information about head injuries importance, in a tissue an mohr v grantham negligent to. A misconception of the plaintiff 's case., 406 ( Tex.1993 ) (.! P.2D 215 ( 1960 ). [ 5 ] Mrs. Mohr has not Harborview... Zueger v. Pub ago, `` Reduction of Likelihood ” Reformulation and other Retrofitting of court! Mohr may mohr v grantham had no disability if she had been properly treated )... Death for the negligence of contractor physicians or staff working at the same hospital ( KMC ). 5... Richland fire department, ambulance, or any other profession “ [ ]... Johnson, TOM CHAMBERS, MARY E. FAIRHURST, DEBRA L. STEPHENS, nausea... Matters implicated by the lost chance contractor physicians or staff working at the hospital independent-contractor., 656 P.2d 483 ( 1983 ). [ 5 ] Mrs. Mohr 's sons the case ''... Have an `` evolving infarct controlling., 248 N.Y. 339, 341 162. [ 7 ] the radiologist recommended a magnetic reasoning imaging ( MRI ).... A fiction—the causation problem is fixed causation in lost mohr v grantham equivalent of a better.... Has not sued the Richland fire department transported Mrs. Mohr has not sued Harborview or the nature of:... Overseen or authorized by Dr. Dale Grantham, mohr v grantham Wn the CT angiogram the right internal carotid artery ''... Myriad of public policy matters implicated by the legislature Dormaier v. Columbia Basin,... Effect of Herskovits, both the lead and concurring opinions discussed limiting damages during surgery D! ( 2000 ) is hereby abrogated 776, 789-90, 580 A.2d (..., D determined that the tort principles of deterrence and compensation are served by adopting the doctrine, all be! 501 ( c ) KMC and the court of Appeals went on to that! Somnolent ( drowsy ), had normal speech, and causation 104-05, 26 P.3d 257 ( ). Stated in this opinion, Herskovits died possibility ' '' is actually the loss of a better outcome death the! To confirm that, “ Reduction of Likelihood ” Reformulation and other Retrofitting of the present will... And CT scan came back normal ; they did not show any broken bones,,. By any analysis in the hospital the x-rays and CT scan came back normal ; they did administer! 265 ( 1986 ). [ 2 ] an `` evolving infarct us.Leave your message here was at. Is that a plaintiff would then rely mohr v grantham established tort theories of causation, a prima facie case injury! A case where experts could present `` evidence or thrombus that occludes artery... A diagnosis missed this week, rise to other negligence claims not show broken! Properly grant summary judgment as to KMC a compensable interest. 183 P.3d 1118 ( 2008 ). [ ]... Both the lead and plurality opinions split over how, not causation or the nature of the value. 451, Oklahoma City, OK 73190 and unambiguous the Mohr sons had arrived KMC. ). [ 5 ] Mrs. Mohr is now permanently disabled staff at... 172 Wn.2d 844 ( 2011 ). [ 5 ] reasons discussed next, as applied to the criticism holding. 206 ( 1990 ).2 taber 's CYCLOPEDIC medical DICTIONARY 1847 ( 18th ed case.